What to do with a leaking pipe?

If ever you see water where it shouldn’t be in your property don’t panic. The cause of the water can sometimes be hard to work out but normally shutting the stop cock valve where it enters the property can rectify the issue until I can get to you to make a permanent fix. If the stop cock valve is difficult to turn, or you need further assistance to repair, then contact me to arrange an emergency call out.

Beware of a frozen condensate pipe

The UK is currently experiencing extreme temperatures during winter times. In these extreme circumstances if your boiler is not working or is making gurgling noises you may have a frozen condensate pipe. This can most often be rectified by carefully pouring boiling water over the frozen pipe until it thaws. You may need to reset the boiler. But if the problems persist please call to arrange a suitable time for me to rectify the issue and get you back up and running.